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    Why can't I log in to my Nike+ account?

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    If you're unable to log in to Nike+, try the troubleshooting steps and best practices below.

    • Forgot Password: Make sure your password does not contain a greater than symbol, ampersand or apostrophe (>, & or '). If your password contains any of these symbols, reset your password by going to the "Join/Log In" link and following the "Password help" instructions.
    • Forgot Email: Sign in with your email associated to your Nike+ account, not your Nike+ screen name. If you're unable to sign in using your email address, please contact us.
    • VPN/Restrictive ISP Network Connection: If you're accessing Nike+ from somewhere like a workplace, school, or other institution with this type of network connection, try to log in on a computer or device that is not part of the network or contact your ISP administrator for assistance.
    • Mobile Log In: Try connecting to Wi-Fi. Sometimes, your IP address changes as you connect to different cellular towers, which can interfere with your ability to log in. Connecting to Wi-Fi eliminates this variable.
    • General:
      • Clear your internet browser's cache and cookies.
      • Temporarily switch to a different internet browser. Browser settings or options can occasionally prevent you from logging in successfully. Usually in this scenario you'll be able to switch back to your preferred browser once you've resolved the issue in the new browser.

    Note: If you're still having trouble logging in, contact us.

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