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    How do I allow Nike Apps access to my iPhone's motion activity?

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    To allow Nike apps access to your iPhone's motion activity, select your app below and follow the instructions.

    Nike+ Fuel App for iOS (mobile)

    New to NikePlus

    If you join NikePlus using the Nike+ Fuel App for iOS (mobile) on your iPhone 5s or above, it will prompt you to "Allow" access to its motion activity settings to enable iPhone tracking.

    If you choose not to allow the app to access your motion activity upon registering, you can change your settings by following the steps below for existing NikePlus Members.

    Existing NikePlus Member

    If you already have already joined NikePlus and would like to allow your iPhone's motion activity tracking to be your source of NikeFuel, follow the steps below.

    1. Go to your phone's settings
    2. Tap "Privacy"
    3. Tap "Motion Activity"
    4. Find the Nike+ Fuel App icon and move the toggle to the on position

    If you would like to switch your source of NikeFuel, simply open the menu and tap on "iPhone Tracking" or "Your Nike+ FuelBand's Name" above your name.

    Note: If you force quit the app as a Nike+ FuelBand user who's chosen to use iPhone tracking as your source of NikeFuel, the Nike+ Fuel App for iOS will reconnect and default to your Nike+ FuelBand as its source the next time the app is opened.

    Nike+ Move for iOS (mobile)

    During the first install and use, you are taken through the Nike+ Move tutorial flow, which prompts you to "Allow" access to the Motion Activity services (Motion API).

    If the Apple Motion Activity services (Motion API) are turned off via your phone settings after you have used the Nike+ Move app for the first time, you will be prompted to change your settings in the Nike+ Move app the next time you open the app.

    1. Go to your iPhone's Settings
    2. Tap "Privacy"
    3. Tap "Motion Activity"
    4. Toggle the Nike+ Move App to the right

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