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    What Nike+ FuelBand SE sessions are eligible for calibration?

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    You can calibrate certain Session activities to fine tune the NikeFuel you've earned. The activity types that qualify for Session calibration include:


    • Hot yoga
    • Hatha yoga
    • Vinyasa yoga
    • Power yoga


    • Biking
    • Mountain biking
    • Road biking
    • Indoor cycling
    • Spinning
    • Stationary biking
    • Cyclocross
    • Cycling

    Gym activities

    • Weightlifting
    • Weight training
    • Gym equipment
    • Circuit training
    • Workout class
    • Stair climber
    • Gym


    • HIIT
    • Bootcamp
    • Cross training

    In order to calibrate, the qualified Session activity must be at least one minute in length and cannot be calibrated past six hours.

    To learn how to calibrate a qualified Session activity, click here.

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