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    How do I add friends on Nike+ Kinect Training?

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    Add friends in Nike+ Kinect Training by following these steps:

    1. Get your friends' Xbox LIVE Gamertags

    2. Add them as a friend on Xbox LIVE

    3. Launch Nike+ Kinect Training

    4. Link your Nike+ account to your Xbox LIVE account (see instructions here)

    You can also find friends with the Nike+ Kinect Training App. In the Friends area of the app, add friends by linking your Facebook account, your Twitter account or your contact list on your phone.

    Once added, see how to workout with friends on Nike+ Kinect Training.

    Note: The Nike+ Kinect Training App is no longer available for download in the iTunes App Store or the Windows Store. If you are an existing user with the app already downloaded and installed, you can continue to use the app as you've done in the past. Be aware that if you have the Nike+ Kinect Training App installed and upgrade to iOS 8, you will no longer be able to use the app, as it isn't compatible with iOS 8.

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