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    Why can't I link my Nike+ Running Sensor?

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    If you can't link your Nike+ Running Sensor with your Nike device, here are some recommended troubleshooting steps:

    • Make sure your Nike+ Running Sensor is in a ready state. Flip the sensor over and give the white button on the back a series of quick presses, using the tip of a pen or pencil if necessary. Note: Quickly press the button to wake your sensor, pressing and holding down the button will put your sensor to sleep.
    • Move out of proximity to any Nike+ sensors.
    • Navigate to your Nike device's linking screen.
    • When prompted by your Nike device, walk around to activate your sensor.
    • If you're still unable to link your Nike+ Running Sensor, return to your device's linking screen and, while linking, tap the sensor against a solid surface, such as a table top.

    If you're unable to link your Nike+ sensor despite trying all the steps listed above, please contact us .

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