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    Why won't my Nike+ Basketball shoes pair with the app?

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    If the Nike+ Basketball app doesn't detect the Nike+ Sport Sensors in your Nike+ Basketball shoe, follow these steps:

    1. Remove your sensor from your shoe.
    2. Repeat the pairing process for that sensor by putting the sensor back into the shoe when the app prompts you to do so. When you initiate the pairing process, your sensor is in discovery mode for 15 seconds.

    If the pairing does not occur within the 15 second window, please repeat the steps above. If you are still unsuccessful, please contact us.

    Note: The Nike+ Basketball App is no longer available for download in the iTunes App Store. If you are an existing user with the app already downloaded and installed, you can continue to use the app as you've done in the past. Be aware that if you have the Nike+ Basketball App installed and upgrade to iOS 8, you will no longer be able to use the app, as it isn't compatible with iOS 8. For more information, please click here.

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