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    How do I view my run history with Nike Run Club?

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    To review past workouts with Nike Run Club, select your device below for instructions.

    Nike Run Club for iOS (mobile)
    1. In the Nike Run Club app, go to the "ACTIVITY" screen
    2. Locate and select the run you would like to review for data like GPS maps of your route, distance, calories, pace and tags
    Nike Run Club for Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Series 2, and Apple Watch

    From the main screen, swipe right to left twice to view a monthly snapshot including your total miles and number of runs for the month.

    To view your entire run history, follow the instructions in the "Nike Run Club for iOS (mobile)" section above.

    Nike Run Club for Android (mobile)
    1. In the Nike Run Club app, open the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of your home screen
    2. Tap "Activity"
    3. Tap the list tab on the top left-hand side of your Activity screen
    4. Swipe upwards to scroll through your run history

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