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    How do I tag my run on the Nike+ Run Club app?

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    After ending a run or walk with Nike+ Run Club, you can describe the workout using various tags. Tagging options appear in your post-workout run summary. You can also tag past runs by selecting them from your Activity history.

    Select your device below for instructions.

    Nike+ Run Club for iOS and Android (mobile)

    After you finish your run, select from the following tagging options:

    • How hard did you go: Slide the icon to select your level of effort
    • Your Terrain:
      • Indoor: Treadmill or track
      • Outdoor: Road, trail or track
    • Your shoes: Tag a new Nike shoe or an existing shoe
    Nike+ Run Club for Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Series 2, and Apple Watch

    After you finish a run with your watch, you can tag your run in the Nike+ Run Club app on your connected mobile device.

    For detailed instructions, please see the "Nike+ Run Club for iOS and Android (Mobile)" section above.

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