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    How do I customize the Nike+ Run Club app settings?

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    To learn about the workout customization options for your Nike+ Run Club app, please select your experience below.

    Nike+ Run Club for iOS and Android (mobile)

    Run Type

    On the main run screen, select the current run type button to change to your preferred run type.

    • Basic: No set time or distance.
    • Distance: Determine the distance you'd like to run.
    • Duration: Choose how long you'd like to run.
    • Speed Run: Specific interval mode that enables runners to manually mark laps and view their splits in-real time.


    Simply select the settings icon on the main run screen and toggle "Indoor/Treadmill" to on/off as preferred.

    • Outdoor: Outdoor mode uses a blend of GPS and accelerometer data to track your runs. Make sure your phone settings have location services enabled for the Nike+ Run Club app and you have a good GPS signal.
    • Indoor: Indoor mode is ideal for treadmill use and relies only on accelerometer data to track your runs. Indoor mode is also generally the best choice for iPod touch users.


    Select the settings icon on the main screen and adjust the following as you prefer.

    • Auto-Pause run: Choose whether or not you want you're run to auto-pause if you stop moving.
    • Orientation: Choose your screen orientation during your run.
    • Use Run Level color: Choose whether or not you want to see your run level color during your run.
    • Run Countdown: Choose whether or not you want a countdown before your run. You can also choose whether you want the phone to vibrate or the screen to lock when your run begins.


    Bring your workout to life or make sure you hit that target running pace by playing music with theNike+ Run Club app.

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