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    How do I set up Nike + iPod for iPhone or iPod touch?

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    Nike + iPod is a native app available in the iPhone, iPod touch and iPod nano that allows you to pair the app to a Nike+ Sensor and track your workouts.

    • Note: The Nike+ Sensor is sold separately.

    Follow the instructions below to start using Nike+ iPod.

    1. Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon on your mobile device's home screen.
    2. Scroll and select Nike + iPod.
    3. Toggle Nike + iPod to "ON". Once activated, you will see the Nike + iPod icon on your iPhone or iPod touch home screen display.
    4. Note: The Nike+ iPod icon is similar but slightly different from the Nike Run Club icon.

    5. Customize your Nike + iPod settings by clicking your mobile device's Settings icon and choosing Nike + iPod.
    6. Activate your Nike+ Running Sensor by linking it to your iPhone or iPod touch.
    7. Once the Sensor is linked, you are ready to run with Nike + iPod.

    Note: Nike + iPod is pre-installed on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, and 5S and on the iPod touch generation 2 and newer. It is not available on iPhone 6 and newer and is not supported by devices using iOS 9.0 and higher.

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