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    What are the messages on my Nike+ SportBand?

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    The Nike+ SportBand may display the following messages:


    • LOW BATT: Battery is depleted (less than 1 hour of recording time)
    • CHRG: Battery charging (displayed only while connected to USB)
    • FULL BATT: Battery fully charged (displayed while connected to USB)

    If the screen is completely blank, the battery is depleted and needs to be recharged. See more about charging the Nike+ SportBand.


    • MEM LOW: Device almost at capacity (less than 1 hour of recording time remaining)
    • MEM FULL: Device at capacity (cannot record workout information and will blink twice before reverting to the time display)

    See more about the Nike+ SportBand memory.


    • MILE or KM: Workout distance (the distance measurement, mile or kilometer, is selected in Nike+ Connect profile settings)
    • PACE: Your pace
    • CHRON: Duration of your workout (chronograph)
    • BPM: Heart rate
    • CAL: Calories burned
    • TIME: Time of day
    • PUSH TO RUN: Press Record to begin a workout
    • WALK: Walk around to activate your sensor
    • WALK AWAY: SportBand detects more than one signal when attempting to link to a sensor.

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