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    How do I download and install Nike+ Connect?

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    Before you use your Nike+ device, download and install Nike+ Connect, our free software that enables you to upload your data from your device to NikePlus.

    To download and install Nike+ Connect:

    1. Click the Mac or PC button below to initiate the download.
    2. Download Button for Nike+ Connect Software on a Mac Download Button for Nike+ Connect Software on a PC
    3. Locate the Nike+ Connect Installer file icon and double-click it. The exact location of the icon will depend on your desktop configuration and your browser type.
      • If you're on a Mac, it will be a file ending in ".dmg".
      • If you're on a PC, it will be a file ending in ".exe".
    4. The Nike+ Connect Installer will launch, prompting you through a screen-by-screen installation process. Click "Continue" to advance to the next screen.
    5. When you reach the final screen of the Nike+ Connect Installer, click the "Finish" button. Nike+ Connect will automatically launch and allow you to setup your new device.

    If you experience problems installing Nike+ Connect, please contact us for further assistance.

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